Thank you! Gracias! Gràcies! Grazie! Merci! Danke!

As the temperatures drop and the crowds disperse, the time when everything at BEACHOUSE Ibiza must get packed away until next year starts to creep closer. The busy season is almost over and while everyone on our staff will get a well-deserved rest, oh how missed our customers will be! What an amazing summer 2017 has been…

This season saw the launch of two new concepts at BEACHOUSE Ibiza. Aperitivo was a big success, providing a place for pre-dinner and pre-party drinks and snacks right on the sand. The crudité di mare bar was also happily and ravenously well received. Who knows how many oysters, lobsters and scallops were munched down?

People from all over the globe stopped in to see us and stayed for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Our regulars – you know who you are – continued to provide us with support and laughs and we got to know some new people too who quickly became regular faces. Under all the hard work and sweat was a whole lot of fun and we have all the lovely people who ate and worked with us to thank.

We’d like to give a big shout out to our amazing kitchen crew, headed up by Sebastian Altimari. Your professionalism and humour this season saw us through one of the busiest periods in our history. To our wonderful floor staff – who even under pressure maintained their smiles and commitment to excellence – thank you! We’d be nothing without our super chilled and totally professional bartenders – thanks guys, your cocktails, juices and coffees are just the best. To everyone behind the scenes that make BEACHOUSE Ibiza run smoothly and hassle free, you guys rock!

But really, the people we want to thank the most are you – our loyal customers who provide us with our raison d’être. Your smiling, happy faces make all the hard work worthwhile. We’re going to be spending the winter recharging our creative juices, travelling for inspiration and getting ready to bring on summer 2018. Can’t wait to see you then!