Meet the locals: Marco Magni, Magniflex

Marco Magni’s family started Magniflex in the 1960s with the express motivation of providing healthy, restful sleep to the world. Magniflex had its humble start in a small workshop in Prato and under Marco’s guidance has turned into a world-renowned brand providing comfort and luxury across the globe.

The go-to guy for daybeds in Ibiza, Marco has a special relationship with BEACHOUSE Ibiza. The luxe, plush beds that sit on the golden sands of Playa d’en Bossa are as much a part of BEACHOUSE Ibiza as cocktails and cotoletta. These days, work takes Marco as far afield as Miami, Vegas, Shanghai and all over Europe. A firm fan of BEACHOUSE Ibiza he makes sure he touches base whenever he’s in town.

Where are you from?

I am from Florence. But now I live between Dubai, Miami and Ibiza. I travel a lot for work, so I am always on the road.

Tell us about your professional experience?

Magniflex is the family business. I started at Magniflex in sales and marketing for the Italian market only. In 2001, I went to the first trade show in China and I understood that the whole world was my market so I started developing the brand worldwide. At that time, Magniflex was in around 25 countries. Today we are in almost 100 countries.

How are the beds manufactured?

Our production process is 100-percent Italian. The workshop is still in Prato in Tuscany, just a ten-minute drive from Florence. We are dedicated to developing products that can offer the best rest and sleep to our customers and the attention to detail and research allows us to produce sleep products that our customers love.

What is your connection to BEACHOUSE Ibiza?

Well, I came to BEACHOUSE Ibiza a few years back because it was becoming very famous. I liked it from the first moment because it felt like the ‘old Ibiza’. It was the perfect place to host my 39th birthday party. And obviously, the day beds are Magniflex – the most comfortable daybed on the island!

How often do you get to go to BEACHOUSE Ibiza?

When I am here I go at least once a week, and I try to come to Ibiza as much I can. I love the island. It’s actually as if I need to come, it’s kind of like a second home.

What’s your favourite thing to order?

Pasta! Of course, I’m Italian! Well I just discovered the spaghettini bottarga. It’s a classic with cured salmon roe and chilli. I can’t get enough of it. The pizza is also excellent; I have to say everything on the menu is so good.

Where do you like to sit – restaurant, daybed or sofa?

I like to be in the restaurant because then I can watch all the happy faces on the Magniflex beds!

What do you love most about Ibiza?

I love the feeling of freedom here. It offers everything for all kinds of people. You can have your most relaxing day or your most crazy day here. The energy is just amazing.

What do you love most about BEACHOUSE Ibiza?

I love the ambience, the music and the people that work there. It’s super nice and just makes you feel at home.