Meet the locals: Natalie Chaponnel – designer and entrepreneur

When Melbourne-born designer Natalie Chaponnel first came to Ibiza on holiday in 2004, she was immediately struck by the island’s beauty. Having lived in Western Europe for the previous 10 years, she headed back to her home in London set on packing up and moving towards the sun. Her skills as a web designer set her up as the island’s go to person for high-end websites, however she soon noticed many of her clients were struggling to get the recognition they deserved and needed online. White Ibiza was born and has morphed into one of the most recognisable brands on the island, offering a slick online portal, print magazine and content agency for all that is beautiful in Ibiza.

What inspired you to create White Ibiza?

When I arrived here in 2004 there was no online space to promote the luxury side of Ibiza. I noticed a huge difference between the Ibiza we experienced and the Ibiza being represented online. I recruited some friends on the island and got to work designing a website which, for me, captured the island spirit, using my existing website clients as guinea pigs. Fast forward to 2017 and that website is now White Ibiza.

What kind of services do you provide to Ibiza businesses?

We create unique and engaging content for websites, blogs and social media for the White Ibiza website and in the print magazine WHITE. With a strong team of professionals, we also provide full service content marketing strategies, social media marketing and we’ve just recently added video marketing to our suite of services.

How often do you get to go to BEACHOUSE Ibiza?

As one of my first choices for a beachside breakfast or lunch I go quite often outside of the peak summer season. My favourite time of year at BEACHOUSE is September, when the water is crystal clear and we are enjoying the last days of summer on the island. It’s always sad to see them close for another winter.

What’s your favourite thing to order?

I love the fresh juice bar – especially their Great Green juice. For breakfast, I love the eggs Benedict and for lunch my favourite dishes are the Pizza Perfetta and the Beetroot salad.

Who do you like to take with you and where do you like to sit?

I love to enjoy a laidback breakfast on the sofas with my daughter and long lazy lunches on the daybeds in the sunshine with my boyfriend and friends.

What do you love most about Ibiza?

The light! The first thing that struck me about the island was the light, and to this day every time I return to Ibiza, it is this same light which for me sets it apart from any other destination in the world. It’s how I know I have arrived ‘home’.

What do you love most about BEACHOUSE Ibiza?

I love the authentic simplicity of the venue, which allows the view to be the hero. I also like that they don’t overcrowd the space with tables so that you can enjoy privacy and comfort during your meal. There’s no fuss, the staff are relaxed and friendly. I feel right at home there.