Boutique brands: Mia Ibiza

Ibiza has its own style. The island carries itself in the fashion world as a singular voice that combines international cool with boho beach chic that few other places manage to pin down. Then, once in a while, you get a brand that tips all the previous ideas out the window and slams up hard against everything we know with an icon-in-the-making bump. Enter Mia Ibiza.

The colours are neutral and the cut is simple but there is some kind of magic rock and roll happening within these threads. Is it leisurewear? Beachwear? Dance floor friendly? Mia Ibiza is anything you want it to be. And therein lies this limited edition brand’s genius. Geometric lines, cut-out shapes, structured pencil skirts, oversized t-shirts and mini dresses that would be equally comfortable at work as they would be in the club.

Black, greys, metallic, whites and a splash of denim allows for accent accessories to really shine. Check out the slouchy sack bags in suede and cute mini clutches in shades of pink, sea foam, black and grey. Match it all up with some knock out earrings and killer shoes to be party ready or tone it down with strappy flats and a sunhat for days on the water.

Few brands have emerged in recent years that have truly captured the demographic and cultural shifts on the island. Mia Ibiza is embracing Ibiza’s bohemian fashion past while speeding full throttle into right here, right now. Be sure to stop by the BEACHOUSE Ibiza boutique to snap up pieces our carefully curated Mia Ibiza collections before the end of the summer!