Meet the locals: Tess Prince – food blogger and entrepreneur

Kitchen maestro Tess Prince founded Love Food Ibiza three years ago as a way of channelling her passions for cooking and the divine produce of Ibiza. It’s been a journey full of joy, love, new friendships and excellent food. A far cry from waking up at 6am in cloudy London and getting the Tube to work, Tess’s life is now full of wild figs, dinner parties and her burgeoning business.

What first brought you to Ibiza?

My now husband Dan brought me here on holiday in 2011. I had all these preconceived ideas about Ibiza but we went straight from the airport and headed north. After about 15 minutes I just got it. People talk about the energy of Ibiza and I just thought oh, that old thing but it’s true. It gets under your skin. If you’re in tune, you can’t help but fall in love with the natural beauty of the island.

How did you make the move?

We came back for our honeymoon and one night went out to dinner and had this crazy idea that I would resign from my job and move over here. I was working as a food product developer for a top catering firm and travelling all over the UK. At dinner that night I had this flash-forward of my future and thought, no way! Sunshine please!

When did you first fall in love with cooking?

My mum and dad are big entertainers. They were of a generation when people had dinner parties. My mum would do all the prep during the daytime. I was so little I could hardly reach the bench. So my grandfather made me little steps. I would make the dips and things. The in-joke in our family is that I held a pastry brush before I held a pencil.

How did Love Food Ibiza evolve?

That first year we just had so many visitors there was little time for anything. Then we had a food shoot held at our villa and I thought I’d set up as a private chef. Back then I had no Facebook, no Instagram. A friend told me to get on social media. It all came from that. I love it. It’s a passion for me – a creative channel that gives love back to the island. It’s also a creative hub for my recipe development.

What is the philosophy of Love Food Ibiza?

I strongly believe in the ethics behind the clean eating movement. I guess I am a flexitarian. It’s about nurturing and nature and respecting those elements. I switch between tastes. I really want to pick various components from different food cultures and fuse them with Mediterranean flavours. I want to help promote local artisans, producers and restaurants.

How has the food scene here changed since you moved here?

Dramatically. There’s the top end fine dining and also those pioneering the kitchen garden and sustainable practices. People and establishments have become far more conscious of the produce they use. BEACHOUSE Ibiza is one of the few places to use only wild caught sustainable fish on their menu. They make no compromises on quality and sustainability in that department.

What do you like most about BEACHOUSE Ibiza?

The location is just beautiful. You don’t expect to see a space like this down here. I love the style of the dining room and sitting on the beach is really kind of iconic. Also, the aperitivo and the crudité bar concept they are doing in the evenings is the perfect starting point for a night out.

What does the future hold for Love Food Ibiza?

I’ve got some exciting new projects coming up that I can’t talk about yet, so watch this space! In the meantime I’m just going to keep enjoying what I love best – being here.