Interview: Juan Pablo Sosa Montes, bar manager

Argentinian-born Juan Pablo Sosa Montes has spent a lot of his life travelling. Perhaps that’s what makes him particularly adept behind the bar, where a good bartender needs the right mix of worldly wisdom, humour and discretion, not to mention the magical gift of mixing the perfect drink. Super relaxed but always in control, Juan Pablo loves everything about being behind the bar at BEACHOUSE Ibiza, from making an art out of coffee to creating brand new cocktails.

How did you come to work at BEACHOUSE Ibiza?

I was in Palma and at the time, I had a friend who worked here. He asked me to come and help at the bar so I thought I’d give it a go. I started as second in command and then moved up.

What do you enjoy about managing the bar here?

I love to organise everything. I enjoy the process of finding solutions to problems, making decisions and helping people learn. I also like working with people who really know their job. There are eight people in the bar and a few others who help when needed. We have great people who have worked here a long time.

What’s hot on the cocktail menu this season?

When I designed the cocktail menu I wanted to make sure that everyone’s favourites stayed on there. So, of course, you’ll find a Martini, an Aperol Spritz, a Bloody Mary and all the classics. But then we have our own cocktails. For example, I created the Beachouse Caprioska three years ago for a party and everyone still loves it. It’s really fresh and colourful, when people see others drinking it, they want it too.

What’s your favourite?

I really love the Tequila Smash – it’s very smooth. Also the Oaxaca. It has Mezcal, jalapeños, lime and Triple Sec. With the Oaxaca I started with a classic margarita recipe but wanted to add some spice – not too much, just a bit. I love spicy things.

How do you develop a new cocktail?

We have try out days where I play around with different flavours and combinations. It’s always fun!

What trends are you seeing in cocktails and liquor at the moment?

In Spain, the passion is always for gin. They love gin! We’ve been trying lots of new ones lately. There are so many new things happening in that area. We have over 30 types in the bar. Puerto de Indias is a gin distillery in Seville. They’re making a strawberry gin; it’s pink and a little bit sweet. We also have LAW, which is made here in Ibiza. It’s a classic gin. Very balanced and fresh with just a touch of pepper.

You use a lot of exotic ingredients behind the bar – talk us through some?

Everything we use is natural. We use things like Jamaican pepper, star anise and black cardamom. All our fruits juices are sweetened with natural sugars like dates, we never use syrups – everything is freshly prepared.

What’s your favourite dish on the BEACHOUSE Ibiza menu?

Easily the Cotoletta alla Milanese. I’m from Argentina, we invented Milanese! Seriously though, it’s amazing.