Interview: Antonio Lorusso, Pasta specialist

Originally from Milan Antonio Lorusso came to Ibiza seeking a change in lifestyle and new inspirations. He’s worked as a chef for over 20 years and finds Beachouse to be the perfect place to relish his love of pasta and innovation where his penchant for meticulousness is perfectly at home. Antonio is Beachouse’s pasta maestro and head chef Sebastian Altimari’s right hand man heading up a team of over 20 people.

What attracted you to come and work at Beachouse?

I had worked at the same place for a long time and needed to find a place that would offer me more stimulation, both in work and in life. I wanted to find a spot where I could cook at the level I wanted, where everything was done to a high standard. I heard about the job going at Beachouse and saw that it would be a good fit for me. Here we give everything the time that it needs so that it comes out perfectly.

What inspired you to become a chef?

I like to be very precise; I like to make sure that with everything I do, I do it well, and to keep perfecting. Being a chef really suits that side of me.

How would you describe your style in the kitchen?

Well, it depends on the moment. In the down times we all get on very well, we can have a joke. I am not too strict, I am fair but during service I expect concentration. I expect every dish to come out the same way every time, to be of a high standard, whatever it is – pizza, pasta, meat, fish. Everything needs to be done well. So, during service we are a team.

What is your favourite dish on the menu to eat and to cook?

It has to be the linguini vongole. It seems like it has cream in it but in fact it has none. It’s a dish that needs a lot of work to come out perfect even though it seems so simple. We make it so that the olive oil and the cooking water create an emulsion, you get it just at the right point and it becomes creamy and smooth. But also, the homemade gnocchi is great too. We bake the potatoes for over an hour to get the perfect consistency.

What tips can you give the home cook when making pasta?

The trick with pasta is, say you have a penne or spaghetti, you need to take it out of the water just before it’s done, it has to be still a little bit hard. Then you finish it off in the pot with whichever sauce you are using. The pasta will finish cooking in the sauce and turn out just right.

Can you talk a bit about the produce you use at Beachouse?

We use only the best quality products. We get a lot of things from Italy of course. Locally the vegetables here are excellent, very good quality. I like the rucula here; it’s very different. The leaves are very wide and the flavour is totally different to Italy. We use it in lots of things, on pizza and in salads.

What cuisine do you like to eat when you are not working?

I always come back to Mediterranean food. I’m Italian!